RA3: Xbox One Power

The Xbox One is an upcoming video game console from Microsoft. It’s the successor to the Xbox 360 and the third console in the Xbox family of consoles. It will directly compete with Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Nintendo’s Wii U as part of the eight generation of video game consoles. The Wikipedia page for “Xbox One” has an interesting thread on its talk page where several users argue about the accuracy of some facts about the upcoming console. Author SergeCross73, who I will portray as a male for the purpose of this analysis, begins the thread on discussing the edit warring over the commentary that the console is 50% as powerful as the PS4. The overall conversation between authors evolves into a debate on which, comparing this product to its competitor should be on the Wikipedia page. Though some people on the Xbox One talk page relied on their aspect of pathos, the most effective strategy was when the arguers used logical arguments and facts instead.

As I read through the talk page, SergeCross73 makes strong points against comparing both consoles on their respective pages. He believes that as a result of the topic not being “trivial,” it should not be included on this article at all. He relies heavily on the use of WIKI rules like WP:LEAD, WP:UNDUE, WP: V to make his point. The reference to these  facts and the lack of rebuttal from other authors makes this the most effective strategy throughout the talk page. 

User Shrine Maiden, who i will refer to as a female for the purpose of this analysis, argues her voice is being silenced based on the number of “Xbox fans” on the talk page. Her strategy focuses heavily on the appealing of emotion. She relies on weak cited sources and states that all the other users are against her when she says “This is no consensus, this is more like Xbox fans united to block information they don’t like”. Her lack of understanding of what makes a Wiki page Neutral clouds her judgement and makes her attack other authors and doubting herself as she is doing it. At some point through the talk page she says ” ‘Deliberately using Wikipedia policies and guidelines in bad faith’ is just taken from gaming the system. It’s exactly what you are doing. I think.’ Doubting herself while attacking other authors’ viewpoints what I believe makes her strategy ineffective.

I would like to point out that the Shrine Maiden’s account no longer exists on Wikipedia. This only makes me wonder if her continued use of failed pathos throughout Wikipedia eventually led her to cancel her Wikipedia account.

Throughout the Xbox One’s talk page some users like Shrine Maiden rely on the appeal of emotions to the reader. While this might be an effective persuasive strategy in other articles throughout  Wikipedia, it is not for this particular topic. Since a technical topic is being argued, facts and logical arguments are very important and should be used when making a change about something in the page.  Other users like SergeCross73 rely heavily on facts and rules that give Wikipedia’s pages their true sense of a Neutral Point of View.


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